Illustrations by Ste Johnson www.steillustrates.co.uk

Welcome to my little piece of the web. I’m glad you found us. It’s a busy place out there.

I’ve dedicated the name of this site to my first Children’s story but there will be more stories to add in the coming months so please feel free to sign up to get notifications of new posts as they happen.

  • Watch this space for more details about my book and how you can get a free copy. The final edited copy, with illustrations by Ste Johnson will be available in print later this year (2016).

However for now I should tell you how the Yellow Bills came about. It was after having a conversation with my friend Karina Caswell. We had met at an antenatal class during our first pregnancy and months later I was amazed that whilst she was adjusting to a new life as a mother she also setup her own business called My Little Duckling which sells beautiful pilot hats for babies and children during the cold winter months and the bright sunny days of summer.

Karina mentioned that she would like to start having mummy writers for her blog and she was brave enough to give me a shot so I decided to get to work on combining the name of her company and the pilot hats she sells. Before I knew it, a very stiff upper lipped Lieutenant Drake and an enthusiastic little duckling called Goose arrived at my doorstep. Well I couldn’t just ignore them as they stared up at me, they had a story that needed to be told. So why not take a look at their story and find out their passion for flying and their interaction with a human called Mya.

You can also find the story featured on My Little Duckling bedtime stories blog:

YELLOW BILLS By Michelle McKenna